Automatic External Defibrillator - AED Level 2 (VTQ)

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The Zoll AED Plus

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ZOLL AED Plus Overview

This guide provides a comprehensive look at the ZOLL AED Plus, detailing both the live and training units to enhance understanding of their functions and usage.

ZOLL AED Plus: Live Unit Features

The live unit of the ZOLL AED Plus is designed for actual emergency use. Key features include:

  • Case Design: The top lid can be used as a support to keep the patient's airway open during CPR.
  • Pads: Pre-connected pads with a CPR sensor for depth and speed feedback.
  • Expiration Dates: Visible on the front for regular checks.
  • Display: Clear visual instructions and an LCD display for guidance.

Operating the Live Unit

When turned on, the unit performs a self-check and provides voice prompts for checking responsiveness and seeking help. Note that pediatric pads are required for resuscitating children and should be kept handy.

ZOLL AED Plus: Training Unit

The training unit is identical in appearance to the live unit but is used solely for training purposes. It includes:

  • Remote Control: For scenario-based training.
  • Training Pads: Different from live pads, designed for training use.

Benefits of the Training Unit

Having a training unit is beneficial for regular practice or for instructors teaching others how to use the ZOLL AED Plus.

Note: This guide is for informational purposes and should not replace official training on the use of AED devices.