Need and AED? We sell a full range of live units and spares.

At ProTrainings we offer many different brands of AED unit including HeartSine, Cardiac Science, IPAD, Zoll and others.  We also sell AED cabinets, pads and batteries to keep your AED ready for use.

What are the main types of AED?

There are many different types of AED units. Semi-automatic AED's require you to push the shock button and automatic AED's will warn you and then shock automatically.  There are also AED units that give CPR help. Although there are different features, they all basically do the same job. Some units have separate child pads as extras's and others have a child setting built into the AED>

Need help in what AED to buy or need spares for your AED?

You can visit our supplies website where you can see a full range of AED units and spares.  We also sell indoor and heated outdoor cabinets to put store AED.  You can get advice from the website or contact us for more information.

Need to store your AED outside?

We sell a variety of different AED cabinets.  If you are storing it outside you will need a heated cabinet to ensure the AED and pads remain in their recommended temperature range.  If you are installing the cabinet near the sea, you will need a stainless steel or plastic cabinet.

What spares are available to maintain my AED?

It is important to regularly check your AED and make sure the battery and pads are in a good useable state and in date.  We sell a full range of spares to make sure your AED is ready to effectively save a life when needed,