Automatic External Defibrillator - AED Level 2 (VTQ)

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Mediana HeartOn A16 AED

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Understanding the Mediana HeartOn A16 Defibrillator

Overview and Key Features

Discover the Mediana HeartOn A16, a modern defibrillator known for its simplicity and effectiveness in cardiac emergencies.

Initial Setup and Instructions

Important steps to follow when setting up your Mediana HeartOn A16:

  • Instruction Manual: Always keep it near the unit for easy reference.
  • Main AED Unit: Familiarize yourself with its maintenance and operational features.

Installing the Battery

Key steps to properly install the battery:

  • Remove Security Seal: Ensure proper contact with the unit's metal pins.
  • Correct Placement: Align and slide the battery into place for a secure fit.

Data Management and Recording

Efficient ways to handle data and recordings:

  • Micro SD Card Slot: Convenient for extracting and transferring data.
  • Infrared Port: An additional data transfer option.
  • Audio Recording: Captures sounds during operation, providing valuable insights.

Finalizing the Setup

Once the battery is installed, the AED will initiate self-checks and confirm readiness for use.


The Mediana HeartOn A16 is designed for ease of use and reliability in emergency situations, ensuring prompt and effective response.