Automatic External Defibrillator - AED Level 2 (VTQ) Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “It is a great pleasure to learn from you and improve my knowledge how to use of AED incase of emergency. ”

  • “In my opinion, the training I have received via these videos is far better and more thorough than actual classroom room work, as each video is easy to understand and where necessary, I can replay them until I understand the subject.”

    ~ Alan from Hereford
  • “This course describes everything in a clear consice way that even a child could understand, I think anyone would feel confident about using an AED after completing the course.”

    ~ Paul, Merchant Seafarer from Caerphilly
  • “I have been using proaed for the past 2 years and their aed course is excellent as I've had to do CPR & AED twice and it definitely helps. ”

    ~ Cillian-Gerald, Rehabilitation support worker from Armagh
  • “As a trainer of the AED i found this refresher did what it said, it not only refreshed me but also expanded on my knowledge”

    ~ John from Kent
  • “I was extremely impressed by the number of videos and the quality of the instruction contained within them.”

    ~ Paul, Doctor (DO/MD) from Greater Manchester
  • “Very interesting and informative course”

    ~ Nigel, supervisor from South Lanarkshire
  • “Very informative ”

    ~ Thomas from Isle of Wight
  • “A very good course.”

    ~ Terencio Rene, 3RD ENGINEER / MARINER from Philippines
  • “Great! ”

    ~ Petar, Master Mariner
  • “The training and test is very clear and straightforward”

    ~ Paulette, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) from Tyne and Wear
  • “Very good course. Very informative with clear demonstations and excellent input. ”

    ~ Michael, Ambulance Service from Clwyd
  • “Excellent course and very good, visual with clear explanation, recommend to anyone.”

    ~ Michael, Health and Safety Coordinator from South Yorkshire
  • “Excellant presentation again.”

    ~ Eric Charles, Crane Operator from Malaga
  • “Very good training. I feel more confident and happier in this field. Thank you.”

    ~ Jessica, Dental Nurse from South Yorkshire
  • “Good update on all the different kinds of AEDs ”

    ~ Zoe, Doctor (DO/MD) from N/A
  • “Easy to follow and understand. Fantastic to receive certificate immediately on completion. ”

    ~ Sandy, personal trainer from London
  • “The Video's are fantastic learning tools. They guide you through step by step what what you will need to do. The vidoes are clear, consice an very useful!”

    ~ Graeme from Worcestershire
  • “very good”

    ~ glenn, chief engineer from isle of man
  • “Great website, very clear and easy to understand videos. would highly recommend.”

    ~ robert, skipper from Kent
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “I can honestly say this is the best service I have ever used, thank you for providing such a high quality service, such a elegant process for something so quintessential part of the work we undergo ”

    ~ Chris, about 2 months ago
  • “It wasn't obvious where the training information was. I clicked around on the website and could not locate. I wanted to do the course again.”

    ~ Nathan, 2 months ago
  • “Good training and great to be able to access at home (using a multitude of devices). ”

    ~ James, 2 months ago
  • “good course, simple and straight forward”

    ~ Jonathan, 3 months ago
  • “Very enjoyable. Great content and very well presented. ”

    ~ Robert, 3 months ago
  • “Great content, very informative”

    ~ Stephen, 4 months ago
  • “Easy to follow and very informative ”

    ~ Heidi, 9 months ago
  • “Great presentation and factual information presented well.”

    ~ Ian, about 1 year ago
  • “clear videos ”

    ~ Gareth, about 1 year ago
  • “all good”

    ~ David, about 1 year ago
  • “As a marine professional trained in first aid I found this course full of useful information in a very good format.”

    ~ Sean, over 1 year ago
  • “Very informative!”

    ~ Patrick, over 1 year ago
  • “A very useful course although it is my 2nd time in 2 years, I do the same course but always new useful information updated. ”

    ~ Soran, over 1 year ago
  • “more clear and detailed ”

    ~ Sikulekile, almost 2 years ago
  • “Altamente fiable”

    ~ Juan Carlos, almost 2 years ago
  • “Very good understanding about the defib now a lot iI didn't know”

    ~ Stephen, about 2 years ago
  • “Very helpful for anyone who doesn't know to perform CPR and use AED.”

    ~ Suherianto, over 2 years ago
  • “Good course.Very informative about AED, different and usage.”

    ~ Michael, over 2 years ago
  • “it was amazing, recommended to all healthcare professionals. ”

    ~ Muhammad, over 2 years ago
  • “Easy to use, relevant, good clear descriptions, good summative assessment”

    ~ Heidi, almost 3 years ago