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We're now going to look at the Medtronic LIFEPAK AED unit. This unit comes in a case the same as the others, but this one actually opens at the front. Once the case is opened, at the top of the case is where you'll find spare pads and any other equipment that you're likely to need. This particular one we're looking at here is actually a training unit, but it pretty much functions exactly the same as a normal AED unit. On the top of the unit, here, you've got indicator windows. Now, this would indicate if there's any problem with the functioning of the AED. Because this unit isn't actually powered up, it actually defaults to show you the indicator, just to prove that there's nothing wrong with the display itself, because there's not a lot of point in having an indicator light on something if the actual display is faulty. If we powered this unit up now then what would happen is the display will then black out the error points and then it will say Okay at the other end. If you ever do see any of these displays pop up, it would mean things like the unit need maintenance or there's a problem with the battery. The unit is activated by pushing the on/off button at the bottom. What this will do is also pop the cover-up.

Call for help now.

I'll just turn the sound prompts off on that. So the unit, speakers on the front, shock buttons on the front, and the pads will then go into this hole up here. To turn the unit off, you just hit the button again, and that'll put the whole unit into shut down. The battery life on this unit is eight years, but when you top up the pads or replace the pads every two years, you get a TOP-UP PAK. Now, to access that, if you just pull it away from the corner, just flick this out, this would be a CHARGE-PAK. This will come with the pads itself. The way it works is you change the pads, you pop this back into the unit, and there'll be enough charge in here just to top that battery up. So it gives the internal battery within the unit that little bit more life from being topped up every couple of years. If there was a complete failure of the main unit, this small battery would still enable the unit to be used for a very short space of time. It'll be able to deliver a few shocks, which hopefully would be enough to save someone's life.

You can find more details on this AED on our website under the student download area.