HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500

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This unit here is the HeartSine Samaritan Pad 500. Now, all the features on the 350 are in this unit, but it has one key difference. It has a system built into it, which actually monitors and gives an audio and visual display of the effectiveness of your CPR. It's actually detecting how good the CPR is. To do this, it uses an impedance cardiogram to monitor the effectiveness of CPR. How it displays this is by this display here. There's a bar at the top and if you've just got one light showing, that's just me saying that no CPR is being done. And then, as it goes along, it will see more effectiveness, deeper CPR, until it gets into the green and that's the target. We want to push that down until we get into that green section. The other display on this side is the "Stand Clear". This is when it's analyzing the heart ready for the shock. Analysing on this side and this one is the CPR.

While you're delivering CPR, you can watch that and listen. Also, if you're getting someone else to help you, it can be a good aid for them to ensure that they're doing effective CPR. Now, the importance of any defibrillation or any AED unit, you must make sure that good effective CPR is being done the whole time. A unit like this costs a little bit more than the standard 350, but it will give that extra help and hopefully improve the chance of survival for that person. What we're going to do now is have a closer look at the unit and how it can give you CPR help. If we start this unit off, you'll see here in this section here, it's showing not quite all the marks up to the green and it will also give you a voice command to push harder.

This means you need to push much harder down onto the chest to ensure you push the blood out of the heart and also release to allow the blood to come back in. Once it detects you're doing it better, it goes into the green, it'll also give you a voice prompt. It's now telling you, you're doing your compressions very good, that they're at the correct depth. With this unit, not only does it detect the depth, but also the speed. If we start the unit off again, what we're doing here, is it will run through the cycle and you see it's in the green, but, it's saying push slower. This means you're going much too fast. You're going over the 100 to 120 per minute. If we slow that down, it will then, still be showing the green here, but the audio command will say good compressions. Now, not only is the depth good, but also the speed. Other things the unit will do is it will monitor, and tell you what to do, when to stop when it's analyzing the heartbeat, and also, when and how to push down on the chest while you're doing compressions.