Automatic External Defibrillator - AED Level 2 (VTQ)

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Vivest X3

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Introducing the Compact and User-friendly ViVest X3 Defibrillator

Welcome to the world of the ViVest X3, a defibrillator model bearing considerable similarities to its predecessor, the X1. Maintaining the same compact size, the X3 is a small and convenient unit, perfect for those limited on space.

A Display Designed for Simplicity and Clarity

The primary distinction between the X3 and the X1 lies in the X3's front display. This feature provides users with a clear, easy-to-follow visual guide, offering a crucial supplement to voice prompts. Its bright display ensures visibility under various lighting conditions, making it an extremely user-friendly device.

Front Panel Features

The front panel of the ViVest X3 is well-organised and intuitive. It boasts an On/Off light indicator at the top, easy-to-access child settings, shock controls, and front-facing speakers. Like the X1, defibrillation pads are conveniently stored on the side of the unit.

Overall Usability and Effectiveness of the ViVest X3

In summary, the ViVest X3 is an excellent defibrillator unit, renowned for its ease of use. If you are in need of a low-cost, highly effective defibrillator that requires minimal space and is simple to operate even for untrained individuals, the ViVest X3 is an outstanding choice.