Automatic External Defibrillator - AED Level 2 (VTQ)

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Guide to the iPAD Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

This comprehensive guide covers the essential features and operation of the iPAD AED, applicable for both training and live units.

Overview of the iPAD AED

The iPAD AED, suitable for training and emergency use, features a standard display and distinctive buttons. The green button powers the unit, while the shock button is located separately. A notable feature is the ability to switch between adult and child mode, safeguarded by a cover to prevent accidental changes.

Pad Management

The iPAD AED comes with pads in foil packets, designed for easy opening. Once opened, the pads clearly indicate where to apply them on the patient. The pads plug directly into the front of the unit.

Using the Training Unit

The training unit is equipped with a remote control for scenario settings, differing from the live unit. To begin, press the green button to activate the unit.

Operational Steps and Voice Prompts

  • Connect the pads to the unit and select the mode (Adult/Child).
  • Follow the voice prompts to apply the pads correctly.
  • Ensure the pads are firmly attached to the patient's bare skin.
  • The unit will analyse the heart rhythm and advise if a shock is necessary.
  • Press the flashing orange button to deliver a shock.
  • Begin CPR following the unit's instructions.

Post-Use Procedures

After use, remove the pads and properly dispose of them. It is essential to replace the pads and check the battery regularly to ensure the unit's readiness.

Key Features of the iPAD AED

The iPAD AED is user-friendly, with clear instructions and visual aids. It guides the user through the entire process of applying the pads, delivering a shock, and performing CPR.

Note: This guide is intended for informational purposes. Always receive formal training before using an AED.