Automatic External Defibrillator - AED Level 2 (VTQ)

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Mediana AED

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So in this video, we are going to look at the MEDIANA AED. Now, the one I have got here is a training AED unit, but it's a training unit for the main one, so it looks exactly the same, it's just easier to demonstrate this way. So on the outside of it, you have got the main case, which is the cover as well over the front. On the top here you have got a display, which will show you the progress and functionality of the unit to make sure the unit's functioning okay. On the sides of the units where you have got the SD card slots and other access ports on it. You open the case up with the slide button on the side and that pops up, inside here you have got the pads and the cable there, so it's very easy just to take the pad straight out, rip the packet and pull the pads out. It's already pre-plugged in, so you do not have to actually physically plug the unit in.

Along the bottom here you have got some switches and one other switch on the left-hand side is for adult and paediatric settings. So you have got the same, both settings on the same one, you do not have to use different pads, you just look at the placement of the pads as we have shown earlier. Along here you have got a visual reference to what stage you are at within the AED cycle and also the unit will go through audio prompts. So the unit works very similarly to other units, as you have seen with all the units we have got on this course, but this one's got visual displays here, audio displays. When it comes to the shock, you have got a button here, the red button and that will flash as well when you want to deliver the shock, so you literally just push that button when prompted to do so and then you can resume CPR if required.