Automatic External Defibrillator - AED Level 2 (VTQ)

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Mediana AED

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Exploring the MEDIANA AED

Exterior and Display Features

Understanding the outer casing and display functionalities of the MEDIANA AED.

  • Main Case: Durable exterior with a protective cover.
  • Top Display: Indicates operational status and progress.

Connectivity and Accessibility

Efficient data management with the MEDIANA AED:

  • SD Card Slots: For data storage and transfer.
  • Access Ports: Additional connectivity options.

Pad and Cable Setup

Simple pad deployment for quick response:

  • Internal Storage: Easy access to pads and cables.
  • Pre-connected Setup: Saves critical time in emergencies.

Adult and Paediatric Switch

Flexible settings for different age groups:

  • Dual Function: Accommodates both adult and paediatric needs.
  • Simple Switch Mechanism: Swift transition between modes.

Operational Guidance

How to effectively use the MEDIANA AED:

  • Visual and Audio Cues: Guides users through the AED cycle.
  • Shock Delivery: Easy-to-use button for administering shocks.


The MEDIANA AED is a user-friendly device, vital for providing prompt and effective response in cardiac emergencies.