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AED Prep Kit

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AED Prep Kits: An Essential Companion to Your Defibrillator

No matter the brand of your Automated External Defibrillator (AED), it's always beneficial to accompany it with an AED prep kit. While some brands include a prep kit, typically, these need to be purchased separately.

What is an AED Prep Kit?

The AED prep kit equips you with essential items to assist in a critical situation. While there are different versions available, the contents are usually similar. This guide discusses our primary AED prep kit, which is popular among defibrillator users.

Inside an AED Prep Kit

The AED prep kit contains:

  • Razor: Helps clear excess hair from the chest to ensure optimal pad contact.
  • Tissues: Useful for drying the chest in case it's wet, promoting better adhesion of the AED pads.
  • Gloves: Necessary for hygiene and protection while performing first aid.
  • CPR Face Shield: Protects the rescuer during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  • Wipes: Useful for general cleaning purposes.

The Role of AED Prep Kits in Emergency Situations

Even without an AED prep kit, one should never delay performing CPR or using the AED. If you find yourself without a kit and need to remove chest hair, just proceed with applying the AED pads directly. However, the primary aim of first aid planning is to have the right equipment when you need it most, and an AED prep kit is a low-cost and easy addition to any AED.

Adding an AED Prep Kit to Your First Aid Equipment

Depending on the brand of your AED, many come with cases where you can easily slot in the prep kit. Alternatively, you can store it alongside your defibrillator in your first aid kit. Having an AED prep kit on hand ensures you're fully prepared to assist in an emergency.