Preparing your AED cabinet: What comes with a heated external AED box

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When unpacking your AED cabinet you will find a small pack at the top with instructions and also a contents list. You should carefully check that you have all the things required to mount your AED successfully. This will include a fixing kit and a set of instructions. Individual models may vary slightly. Some have a fixed internal light whereas others have a magnetically attached light which can be removed and used as a torch. When sighting the AED cabinet, you will need to consider its weight. Is the structure you are mounting it on to capable of supporting it. You need to consider the location of an electrical supply as some cabinets will require this. You also need to consider the accessibility of the site itself. Are people going to spot it, can they get to it easily, is there wheelchair access?

You also need to make sure that water cannot pour on the top of the cabinet from the guttering. You are looking for a flat surface, if possible, as this makes it better for the mount and also you want to consider the recommended mounting height, which is between one and 1.35 metres. This enables people in wheelchairs to access the cabinet if required. Although the cabinet comes fitted with a plug, it is recommended that it is hard wired using a 3m spur, or an RCD. The reason we recommend this as opposed to using the plug itself is that it eliminates the chance of somebody accidentally turning off the plug or removing it from the socket. It is also recommended that any electrical installations are carried out by a fully qualified electrician. The tools you will need to install your defibrillator are a hammer drill with a 12-inch mastery bit, a 30-millimetre socket or spanner, a spirit level and a small hammer. The fixing kit supplied with your cabinet will contain wall plugs, bolts, steel washers, nylon washers and a large spacer washer.