Installing a Wall Bracket: Fitting an AED wall bracket to hod an AED unit safely

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The Defib Store universal AED wall hanger is the perfect low-cost, indoor storage solution suitable for all brands of AED. Professionally designed, the hanger is manufactured from galvanized steel in the UK with a powder coating. Each hanger measures 33 centimetres high by 28 centimetres wide with a 15-centimetre projection. The hangers are fitted with a high-quality vinyl which displays clear instructions of how to proceed in the event of somebody having a cardiac arrest. Familiarization of how to proceed in the emergency can ensure the patient has the best chance of survival. Supplied with its own fixing kit, the hanger is simple and easy to install.

When siting the hanger and defib, ensure that the wall is secure and flat. An ideal location would be a wall in the reception or a central office or a main walkway in the building. The location should be clear to the people in the building to ensure that they are familiar of where it is and what to do in an emergency. When you have chosen your installation site, position the hanger in place on the wall, mark the position of the holes for the screws, use a spirit level to ensure the holes are straight. Using a seven and a half millimetre drill, drill the holes for the roll plugs, insert the roll plugs and then position the hanger and tighten up the screws into the roll plugs. When the hanger is secure, place the defibrillator on the hanger. Your defibrillator is now rescue-ready.