CellAED® is your handheld, smart personal defibrillator

For every home, business and community. 

What is CellAED®?

CellAED® is not your ordinary defibrillator. It's a compact, portable, and user-friendly Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that aims to save more lives through innovation and simplicity. With its intelligent design, anyone can provide life-saving assistance in an emergency regardless of their medical training. It's the epitome of efficient, practical, and, above all, lifesaving technology.

CellAED® defibrillator has been uniquely designed to be compact and lightweight, perfect for storing in a glove compartment, first aid kit, or even a handbag. This device has brought the AED into the 21st century with a design that is easy to carry and always ready when needed.

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