ProTrainings Europe Announces Partnership with CellAED® as Official Reseller

CellAED®We are thrilled to announce that ProTrainings Europe, a leading provider of professional training courses and certification, is now an official reseller of the CellAED® defibrillator. This exciting partnership aligns with our commitment to promoting safety and empowering individuals to respond confidently during cardiac emergencies.

The CellAED® costs just £275 plus VAT and is a handheld personal defibrillator. This means that owning an AED in your business, or at home, is now affordable. You can even now equip first aiders with an AED in their kits.

CellAED® in caseThe CellAED® defibrillator is a state-of-the-art, compact, and easy-to-use device designed to save lives in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Its user-friendly interface, clear voice prompts, and automatic analysis capabilities make it an ideal choice for both trained professionals and laypersons. By becoming an official reseller, ProTrainings Europe is proud to offer this life-saving device to our customers, furthering our mission of promoting safety and emergency preparedness.

When you own a CellAED® you can pay £110 plus VAT a year and you will receive a replacement unit when the battery is low or if you use your CellAED®. As the CellAED® is connected to the mobile phone network, regular monitoring is carried out and reported to you and the data when used is available easily for the medical professionals.

ProTrainings Europe also offers training courses and certification on the proper use of the CellAED® defibrillator as well as over 300 other courses as video online, blended or face to face at your workplace. These courses will provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to operate the device effectively and confidently during an emergency. By equipping individuals with the right tools and training, we aim to contribute to better outcomes for those who experience SCA.

The CellAED® live units are available to pre-order now from our website at We will advise on the exact delivery date when we know it as we are selling on a first come first served basis for stock. The sooner you order, the sooner you will own a CellAED® of your own.

To learn more about the CellAED® defibrillator, please visit or contact our dedicated customer support team on 01206 809538.

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